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The following list of Medal of Honor Recipients was taken from the Home of Heroes Website, if you would like to look up more information on the Recipients such as photographs of their graves or their Presidential Citation, please visit http://www.homeofheroes.com

RECIPIENT'S NAME Branch War Place of Birth Medal of Honor Accredited to:
Adams, John Gregory Bishop Army Civil War Groveland, MA W. Newbury, MA
Adams, John Mapes USMC Boxer Rebellion Haverhill, MA Massachusetts
Atkinson, Thomas E. Navy Civil War Salem, MA Massachusetts
Bickford, John F. Navy Civil War Boston Gloucester
Boody, Robert M. Army Civil War Lemington, ME Amesbury, MA
Bowden, Samuel Army Indian Campaigns Salem, MA Boston, MA
Bresnahan, Patrick Francis Navy Peacetime - 1905 Peabody, MA Vermont
Buffum, Robert Army Civil War Salem, MA Gilead, OH
Carr, William Louis USMC Boxer Rebellion Peabody, MA Boston, MA
Carter, Robert Goldthwaite Army Indian Campaigns Bridgton, ME Bradford, MA
Chandler, Henry Flint Army Civil War Andover, MA Andover, MA
Defranzo, Arthur Frederick ** Army World War II Saugus, MA Saugus, MA
Doane, Stephen Holden ** Army Vietnam Beverly, MA Albany, NY
Dodge, Francis Safford Army Indian Campaigns Danvers, MA Danvers, MA
Ellsworth, Thomas Foulds Army Civil War Ipswich, MA Boston, MA
Enright, John Navy Peacetime - 1886 Lynn, MA Massachusetts
Falls, Benjamin Frank ** Army Civil War Portsmouth, NH Lynn, MA
George, Daniel Griffin Navy Civil War New Hampshire Merrimac, MA
Gile, Frank S. Navy Civil War Massachusetts North Andover, MA
Greeley, Aldolphus W. Army Peacetime - 1910 Newburyport, MA Louisiana
Hill, Walter Newell USMC Mexican War-1914 Haverhill, MA Boston, MA
Howe, William H. Army Civil War Haverhill, MA Boston, MA
Jellison, Benjamin H. Army Civil War Newburyport, MA Newburyport, MA
Kenna, Barnett Navy Civil War England Newburyport, MA
Lyle, Alexander Gordon Navy World War I Gloucester, MA Massachusetts
Lyons, Thomas G. Navy Civil War Salem, MA Massachusetts
Mack, John Navy Civil War Maine Lynn, MA
Manning, Joseph S. Army Civil War Ipswich, MA Boston, MA
Marland, William Army Civil War Andover, MA Andover, MA
Moylan, Myles Army Indian Campaigns Amesbury, MA Essex, MA
O'Brien, Oliver Albert Navy Civil War Boston, MA Gloucester, MA
Poole, William B. Navy Civil War Maine Lynn, MA
Riley, John Phillip Navy Spanish-American Allentown, PA Salem MA
Stevens (Stephens), Daniel Navy Civil War Danvers Danvers, MA
Street, George Levick, III Navy World War II Richmond, VA Andover, MA
Vittori, Joseph ** USMC Korean War Beverly, MA Beverly, MA
Whitman, Frank Army Civil War Ayersville, MA Groveland, MA
** KIA