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The purpose of the project is to develop a website that will provide access to honored veterans in Essex County.
Initially, the scope was limited to mapping of veterans' squares in each city and town. As interest in the project grew, it was learned that there is an incredible reverence for our veterans, which manifested itself  in memorials ranging from buildings, bridges and beautifully designed monuments to Rolls of Honor dedicated  to heroes who died in battle to preserve our freedoms.

Research also indicated that in Essex County such reverence for our native sons and daughters is a tradition that transcends all generations, beginning in the 1600s and continuing today. Each generation had its own wars and heroes and they are memorialized in very public locations. The sacrifices made by these patriots will not be lost to history.

The research also found that Essex County has significant "Bragging Rights" regarding her military history, being the birthplace of the National Guard, the Navy and the Coast Guard.

This website is fitting tribute to all of Essex County's veterans and will facilitate research regarding dedicated memorials. Those who enter the website find it interactive and will be able to search veterans/memorials by name, town, structure type or campaign. For easy navigation, there is a map on the home page to indicate the cities and towns that have provided data to this project. This site is a "growing" site and those communities distinguished by the color gray will be added as information becomes available.

There’s a special section for all Medal of Honor recipients from Essex County. It's note worthy to state that Essex County represents 20 % of all Medal of Honor Recipients from Massachusetts, while only representing 10% of the state's population.  Related Links have been provided to bring users to other websites within Essex County and at the state and national levels.

The current 27 communities on this site have provided us with their veterans memorials information.  We invite any community not yet documented to contact us with their respective veterans memorials information, which will be quickly added to this site.  Our goal is to include all 34 cities and towns of Essex County.